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Sino Jet Releases 2023 Carbon Emission Report, Demonstrating Leadership in Green Aviation Development

2024/4/22 20:10:03

HONG KONG, April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Sino Jet, the largest business jet management company in the Asia-Pacific, reaffirmed its position as a leader in green aviation development by unveiling its 2023 carbon emission report on April 22, 2024, the 55th World Earth Day. Despite the continuous growth in flight activities, Sino Jet has successfully achieved a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing by 11.06% compared to the baseline year of 2021. In addition to demonstrating Sino Jet' firm commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this achievement also reflects the company's proactive progress in energy management and operational efficiency improvement.

According to the data, Sino Jet' total greenhouse gas emissions in 2023 amounted to 28,115.984 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). Among them, Scope 1 emissions, primarily from direct fuel combustion, constituted a significant portion at 90.91%. Meanwhile, Scope 2 emissions, mainly from electricity and heat consumption in office buildings, represented a minor fraction at 1.22% of the overall emissions. Additionally, Scope 3 emissions, encompassing various indirect sources like commuting, business travel, item utilization, and waste management, accounted for 7.87%. It's noteworthy that reductions were achieved across all three emission scopes, underscoring Sino Jet's comprehensive approach to emission reduction.

Sino Jet has exhibited forward-looking foresight by achieving China's inaugural carbon-neutral flight for business jets as early as 2022, positioning itself among the pioneering entities in the sector to unveil a carbon neutrality strategy. Using 2021 as the baseline year, the company aims to achieve carbon neutrality across its owned fleet, ground support operations, and office operations by 2025. During this process, it plans to drive more than 20% of managed aircraft to achieve carbon-neutral flight operations. The ultimate goal is to achieve carbon neutrality across its entire business by 2035. This signifies the third successive publication of carbon emission reports by Sino Jet, which not only detail the firm's substantial advancements in curtailing greenhouse gas emissions but also underscore its profound comprehension of worldwide climate initiatives and proactive measures.

Driving Green Transformation with Digital Technology

Sino Jet's endeavors to reduce emissions have been enabled by its substantial investment to digital transformation and technological innovation, resulting in efficient and accurate management procedures. Apart from propelling innovation and upgrades in the company's operating model, this depth of digital integration also enhances resource utilization efficiency and environmental impact control through data-driven decision-making. These initiatives not only enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction but also establish a robust groundwork for Sino Jet's enduring sustainable growth.

Confronting the aviation sector's dependence on fossil fuels, the predominant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions via fuel combustion, the company has enacted a range of proactive measures. Being a national-level high-tech enterprise, Sino Jet has instituted a thorough corporate carbon management platform and crafted a digitized system enveloping the complete aircraft operation process, thereby constructing an all-encompassing digital cockpit. The utilization of these advancements also bolsters the preservation of aircraft asset value in addition to refining fuel efficiency and enriching the customer flight experience.

Additionally, customers can attain transparent visibility into greenhouse gas emissions at each stage of their flights through Sino Jet' carbon management system. In accordance with energy-saving and emission-reduction strategies, a lower-carbon business jet flight can be realized. In 2023, Sino Jet accomplished a 9.63% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from fuel combustion when juxtaposed with the base year, thereby achieving dual improvements in environmental conservation and operational efficiency.

In this report on corporate carbon emissions, there has been a notable reduction of 25.85% in greenhouse gas emissions linked to the company's daily operational activities under Scope 3, compared to the baseline year. This remarkable reduction is a direct result of Sino Jet' adoption of digital means for precise management, demonstrating the company's effective control over environmental impacts in non-flight activities. This not only demonstrates Sino Jet's unwavering dedication to energy management, optimization of procurement strategies, and innovative approaches to employee travel but also underscores the company's holistic improvement of operational efficiency and environmental performance through technological advancements and process enhancements.

Green Innovation Leading Sustainable Development

As a pioneer in green aviation, Sino Jet recognizes that fostering green aviation goes beyond conserving energy and reducing emissions in current operations. It involves substantial growth and inventive approaches within the realm of sustainable business practices. Embracing this strategic foresight, Sino Jet has deployed a brand-new smart travel ecosystem, procuring 100 electric vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts (eVTOL) from Wofei Long Sky, actively promoting the formulation of continuous airworthiness standards for eVTOL, and providing systematic solutions for low-altitude three-dimensional commercial operations.

Positioned as an innovative mode of air transportation, eVTOL showcases attributes of safety, reliability, environmental sustainability, and substantial economic advantages. Seamlessly integrated with business jets, eVTOL facilitates high-quality and one-stop travel experiences for customers, amplifying the efficiency and value proposition of travel from point of origin to destination. This move not only represents Sino Jet' firm commitment to technological innovation but also its active exploration of future green transportation models. Through the integration of conventional business jet services with cutting-edge eVTOL technology, Sino Jet is proactively establishing a smart transportation network. Apart from symbolizing the trajectory of technological advancement within the aviation sector, this initiative also signals the dawn of a fresh era for sustainable development in the industry.

Beyond the demonstration of its long-term commitment to the concept of sustainable development, Sino Jet' strategic actions also provide practical examples and innovative ideas for the green transformation of the aviation industry. Confronted with the pressing need for global climate action, the head of Sino Jet emphasized the company's dedication to advancing technological and business model innovation. Sino Jet remains steadfast in its commitment to driving the green transformation of the aviation sector and playing a pivotal role in achieving carbon neutrality objectives.

The 2023 carbon emissions report stands as a thorough exhibition of Sino Jet's remarkable accomplishments in conserving energy and safeguarding the environment throughout the preceding year. It also serves as a solemn pledge to advance green development in the future. Confronted with escalating global climate challenges, Sino Jet is exemplifying leadership and a profound sense of responsibility as a trailblazer in the industry, taking tangible measures to establish a precedent for sustainable development in aviation.

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